Thank You Card Week

The week of March 3rd (today!) to March 6th is Thank You Card Week. Invitation Consultants, a lovely card company, gave the chance for anyone to get five free thank you cards! All you had to do was fill out a form with your name, address, etc. I ordered my free cards about two weeks ago when I saw that Carly Heitlinger posted a link to it on Twitter, but they didn't come in until today.

Unfortunately, Invitation Consultants is no longer sending out free thank you cards. If I got my thank you cards earlier, I definitely would've told you all about it so you could order your own! Make sure to bookmark this page though so you can check back next year :-)

Aren't these cards adorable?! I'm hoping to put them to use soon... :-)

Do you like sending thank you cards? Were you able to participate in Thank You Card Week and get five free cards?


  1. I love love love stationary! I love getting letters in the mail because it is such a rare occasion!

    1. Same here! If only I could send/receive letters more often!