School Winter Uniform

As some of you know, and what most of you can tell from the name of my blog, I go to a Catholic high school. I so wish that I could do OOTD posts, but I really can't because then it would be the same outfit except for the color of the shirt and tights! So that's when I came up with the idea to show you all what my school uniform looks like!

Cardigan | At my school, you either have to wear a cardigan, vest, fleece, or pullover sweater. You can take it off in class if you're hot, but you have to have it on in the hallway. Either of those must be from the company that sells uniform pieces for my school.
Button-Up | The button-up can be blue, white, yellow, or pink. They can be from any store, except the freshman this year have to all have the same brand shirts from the company that sells uniform pieces for my school!
Skirt | Compared to other Catholic schools near me, the skirts at my school aren't bad. Girls can either way skirts or tan pants, but most girls wear skirts. The skirt has to be from that certain company, but the pants can be from anywhere. The highest the skirt length can be is two inches above the knee, but pretty much every girl disobeys that rule! The boys have to wear khakis.
Tights | The tights can be black, gray, brown, white, maroon, or navy blue. I usually only stick to black, navy blue, and maroon, though.
Shoes | We can wear basically any shoes as long as they aren't open-toed, open-heeled, or have fur on the outside (such as moccasins, but most people wear them anyways!). The shoes I usually wear are Sperry's (as shown above) and Toms.

We have to wear our winter uniforms from October 1st to until we get back from spring break, which is the second to last week of April. I think that time period is too long because in October, it's still kind of warm here, and it starts to get warmer in the beginning of April.

I actually don't mind wearing a uniform. It saves so much time in the morning because I already know what to wear, and I don't have to worry about anybody judging me on what I wear because they're wearing the same thing!

Do you have to wear a uniform for the school you attend?


  1. You have 10x more freedom with uniforms than my school!!! Oh my gosh I'm jealous! Sweaters (vest or V-neck) are mandatory Nov. 15 - Apr. 15 at ALL TIMES!

    1. That stinks! You must get so hot wearing them all the time!

  2. I have to wear a black blazer, a tie with the schools colours on, a v neck black jumper is optional, a white blouse, I either wear a pleated skirt or a mini skirt that isn't to short, black tights (which I love to wear because I wear tights every day) and black flat shoes

  3. Is your school strict on uniform? :-)