Handwritten Cards and Letters

One thing I wish was still around is handwritten cards and letters. When they were more common, I was too young to have anyone to send a letter or card to. I just think it would be so fun to send someone a letter in the mail to open. I barely get mail, but when I do, I get so excited. It makes me feel like a little kid again!

If someone wishes someone a happy birthday, it's over text. If someone wishes someone else a merry Christmas, it's over text. Why can't we send birthday cards and Christmas cards in the mail any more? This really got me thinking during Thank You Card Week and when I read a guest post on Chloe's blog about the anatomy of a thank you card. I wish I could still send people cards and letters in the mail.

What do you think of handwritten letters and cards?

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  1. My best friend {who lives in MA while I'm in the Carolina's} and I write to each other once a month along with weekly Skype calls. They are really nice and keep us connected with each other!
    Maggieroyce. com

    1. That's awesome, Maggie! What a great way to keep in touch :)

  2. thanks for the shootout ;)
    I absolutely LOVE getting and sending snail mail, it's so fun especially now since people rarely send it!

    1. You're welcome, Chlo :) And me too! I SO wish I could send/receive snail mail!