Latest Obsession: Meditation

As most of you know, I tend to stress out over a lot of things and don't really try to find time for myself. The fact that I don't set aside time for myself could be part of the reason why I stress out so much, but you never know. While reading through one of the blogs I follow (it's totally killing me because I can't remember which blog it was!), the blogger said one habit she got into was meditation. She said starting her day off with mediating helped her to be refreshed and decrease her stress level.

So, I thought to myself, "Since it works for her, would it work for me?" That's when I decided to try meditation. It started with me going into YouTube and searching for a quick mediation video. I did a five-minute one for my first time. I actually really enjoyed it, so the next couple of days, I continued to mediate at night and searched for longer videos.

Meditation not only set aside time for myself, but it helped me to de-stress. I chose to do the guided meditation videos, because meditation is really hard to do when it's guided, so never mind doing it on my own! If you need time for yourself and/or a way to de-stress, I strongly suggest trying meditation.

Do you meditate?


  1. I love meditating - I find it so useful - it really helps to clear the mind and just refocuses yourself. Plus you can employ the techniques everywhere-meditation breathing just before a test really helps me :)

  2. I meditate all the time!! Meditation and yoga have really helped me slow down my fast-paced, type A personality and take a breather for once, literally :)


    1. I agree! My life is so busy that it's nice to just relax :)