March Reflection

Not much really happened in March. To me, March is just that awkward month between February and April because it's between winter and spring. Some exciting things did happen though, which I'll share!

I was inducted into National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society. | In order to get into the National Honor Society, a person must have an average of A- or higher in all classes for six consecutive terms and be in all Honors classes. So basically, you have to be halfway through sophomore year to get inducted! In order to get into the Spanish Honor Society, a person must have an A- average in all classes for six consecutive terms. I qualified for both of those, so I was inducted! If you follow me on my personal Instagram, you probably saw this picture of me and my best friend after we were inducted:
(I finally had something to wear my impulse buy dress to!)
I exercised more. | The gym in my town had a free trial offer where you could sign up and use their gym for free for a week. I love going to the gym, but I don't have a membership, so I thought this free trial was great! I was only able to go four days out of the week (on the weekends) because of school and sports, but I loved going. I'm not able to have a gym membership right now because I just don't have the time. I'm planning on getting a gym membership there in the summer, though! I've exercised a lot this month, which I'm happy about because that was one of my New Year's Resolutions.
I went on the highway for the first time. | I used to be scared of driving, but I've become so comfortable and at ease with it. I've already had seven out of twelve road lessons with my driving school! My driving instructor took me on the highway for the first time this month, which I thought would be horrible, but it wasn't bad at all.
I filled out a volunteer application at the library. | One of my favorite places is the library, which is why it's so important to me. During the summer, I make weekly trips there and come out with a stack of five to seven books. After attending Human Awareness Day at my school, I really wanted to volunteer at my town library. So I filled out an application! The librarian told me I would be doing things like dusting the shelves, filing papers, making sure the books are in order, etc. which doesn't sound too bad to me.
I bought Hunter boots using Amazon gift cards. | As some of you know, I have a slight obsession with Checkpoints. After saving up Amazon gift cards I got from there, I was finally able to buy my very first pair of Hunter boots! My boots should be here sometime in April, which is perfect because I'll need them for the rainy April weather.

What are some accomplishments you've had this month?


  1. I've volunteered at my local library for the past 5 years!! It's an amazing experience, you're going to love it :) Congrats on National Honor Society!


  2. Congrats on National Honor Society! I volunteered at the library for a while and I liked it a lot. The only "bad thing" is that I would discover so many books that I wanted to add to my own reading list while putting away the returned books.