Human Awareness Day

Every couple of years, my school has "Human Awareness Day." Human Awareness Day is something that my school created. It takes place in about March or April, and my school plans for a bunch of different speakers to come in. The week before Human Awareness Day, we have to sign up for three different seminars/workshops that sound interesting to us, and we'll be placed in two of the workshops. Basically, the purpose of Human Awareness Day is to help inspire students to get involved in communities and make the world a better place.

The two seminars I got were actually two seminars that I didn't pick... Just my luck, right? Anyway, the first one was called "The Vocation to Love." It was basically all about sex ed and not having premarital sex... yeah, I definitely didn't sign up for that one. I wasn't really surprised that "The Vocation to Love" was a seminar offered though, because I do go to a Catholic high school. The second one was called "Leadership 101." That one really inspired me.

"Leadership 101" was run by a girl who graduated from my high school in 2011. It was all about how she has been involved in so much volunteer work in her community when she was in high school and in her community at college right now. It really inspired me to want to start my own non-profit organization. Her talk even encouraged me to email my town's library (one of my favorite places!) about volunteering there this summer!

So long story short, I'm really happy that my school offers this day, even though it only happens every couple of years. I have a couple of ideas for non-profit organizations that I may just want to start up one day... :)

Has anything inspired you to do volunteer work and get involved?

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