Blog Post Inspiration

When I was new to blogging, I used to email various bloggers from the blogs I liked about where they got their blog post ideas from, and they all said the same thing: everything that is around them. At first, I didn't think that was much help, but I thanked them anyways. It wasn't until the traffic to my blog and amount of followers/readers started to increase that I realized what exactly those bloggers meant.

When writing blog posts, don't try to write about what you think other people will like because then it's not showing your true self. Write about what you like. Take a look at everything around you and get inspired from everything you like. My planner is full of blog posts ideas just because I write down every single thing that I like. Get inspiration for your blog from your surroundings.

How do you think of blog post ideas?


  1. I definitely agree that you have to write for 'you'. I went through a phase of writing posts just because I thought my readers would like them and ended up upset when they didn't comment etc etc - until I realised that I was blogging for me, not them so I may as well post what I like :)