Organization 101: Coupon Organizer

I came across the coupon organizer shown above at Walmart a couple of weeks ago. I'm a sucker for organization, so I just had to buy it! It was located in the dollar section for $2, which is a really good price. The organizer comes with rainbow-colored dividers and labels by the alphabet and months.

I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to use this for yet, but I'm planning on using it for something. I don't really think I'll actually use it for coupons because I don't buy the food and stuff at my house. It's a good size too because it can easily fit in a bag!

If you have any ideas for what I can use this for, feel free to let me know!

Do you have a similar organizer that you use?


  1. When I'm studying for exams I use a tiny folder like this to carry around flashcards so I can study on the go!

    xo Amy

    1. That sounds like such a good idea! I'll have to keep that in mind :)