Study Tips 101: Studying for a Vocab Quiz

As a lot of you know, my grades and schoolwork mean a lot to me. I devote a lot of my time during the week to studying and doing homework, so I've developed multiple different study habits. So, I thought I would share one with you on how to study for a vocab quiz in English!

First I make flashcards of the words out of the recycled paper I have. The flashcards have everything I need to know - the word, the definition, synonyms, antonyms, and related phrases. I love having a hard copy of the flashcards because then I can carry them with me wherever I go and study whenever I have extra time in class.

Quizlet helps me so much with studying for vocab. I make a separate Quizlet for every part I need to know - one Quizlet for synonyms, one Quizlet for antonyms, one Quizlet for definitions, and one Quizlet for related phrases. The various sets really help me to memorize everything. Making the sets and studying them can be very time-consuming, but it's worth it to me!

Along with making flashcards and Quizlets, I also start studying about a week or more before the vocab quiz. That way the information can build up in my head, and I'm not just cramming everything in before the quiz in a short period of time.

How do you study for a vocab quiz?


  1. I love Quizlet too. I can't get enough of the fun games, haha!