February Break Reflection

I thought it would be fun to do a little reflection on my February break to-do list! I was expecting my February break to be full of lots of free time, but it was actually the complete opposite. I was out doing something every single day, which is a good yet bad thing. I love having things to do, but I also love having a full day off to myself to just relax, which I unfortunately didn't have.

one // read four books
I didn't get to read four books, but I did get to read two! I am also on my third. When I was in New Hampshire, both nights that I were there were spent laying by the fire. That would've been the perfect time to just take out my books and read, but I was worried that would come across as rude!

two // read all magazines
I haven't touched a single magazine, which is terrible! I was hoping to leaf through the magazines once I finished my books, but since I haven't finished my books, that wasn't possible.

three // go prom dress shopping
I went prom dress shopping on Thursday and said yes to a dress! You might see a post about it sometime in the future ;) I'm obsessed with my dress and was very happy that I was able to find one so quickly!

four // schedule lots of blog posts
I wasn't able to schedule lots of blog posts in advance because of how busy I was. I was only able to write blog posts the night before they were supposed to be posted, and I didn't even get the chance to write any for Friday, Saturday, or yesterday!

five // clean out winter clothes
I wasn't able to do this one, either. However, the temperatures have been in the 50s here lately, so I'm definitely planning on cleaning through my clothes soon!

Were you able to accomplish any tasks or goals?

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