Class To Gym Outfit Transitions

Hi everyone, I'm Alexandra from Fashion Reins, and I am very excited to be doing a guest post here today! I often go straight to the gym after my lectures, so I have chosen three of my favourite pieces that are stylish enough for class, but functional enough for the gym!

Fashion to Fitness

Lululemon sports bra: Lululemon makes awesome sports bras that are super comfortable, but are padded so they look great under anything, and the back of this bra looks cool under a low-backed shirt, or a tank top.
Wilfred sweater: I am a huge fan of these sweaters, I have one in a dark teal. They are made of cotton, so not the best for actually working out in, but perfect to put on for savsana after yoga class.
Under Armour leggings: I know there is a huge debate as to whether leggings are pants or not, but I think they definitely can be worn as pants, especially under a longer top like the Wilfred sweater. These are definitely the easiest piece to transition from class to gym.

What do you like to wear to transition from class to the gym?

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  1. I love that sweater, it looks so cozy!