Blog Name Conflict

Almost two years ago, I thought about changing my blog's name. I do like Private School Prepster and the way it flows, but I have the desire to change it. I'll be attending a private college as well, but I won't be in private school forever. I would love to come up with a name that really describes me but can also be viewed as fresh, simple, and mature.

My biggest worry is losing loyal readers and followers. I feel like the people who do read my blog really know me as "Private School Prepster," and changing my brand could cause a lot of confusion and mislead people. However, I do like the idea that coming up with a new name and brand could open up new possibilities of what I could write about. I definitely still have the same preppy style, but are all of my posts about preppy clothes and brands? No. There are a couple of names that I love and would definitely like to possibly try out.

I really want to decide soon if I should keep Private School Prepster or totally rebrand because I'm itching to buy a domain name and completely redesign the blog. Although it may be hard to switch over and keep readers if I do change my name, I can definitely market it through social media and blog posts. Decisions, decisions!

What do you think I should do? Stick with Private School Prepster or start fresh?


  1. When I first started blogging, my blog was titled "Really Truly Ruthie" - all cute and sing-songy, just like my favorite AmericanGirl doll. However, I had to look a the bigger picture. Will the nickname "Ruthie" still seem as cute when I'm 22 in college? When I tried to make my own name on social media, "Really Truly Ruthie" was too long. Also, I didn't want to get caught for any copyright I simply changed it to "Really Truly Ruth". For me, I made sure my blog wasn't attached to any sort of style (i.e. preppy, grunge, hipster, etc.). Just do what you feel is right. I recently purchased my own blog domain and re-designed my blog and I cannot tell you how satisfied I was with the result! Sure, I'm a newer blogger but, you do what you feel is right!

    - Ruth S. |

  2. I've been reading and following for a while now and I can't speak for anyone else, but I'd definitely continue reading. I think you're at the point as a blogger where people really do enjoy your content and look forward to seeing what you have to say, and I don't think your brand will change that. Best of luck!

  3. Go for it girl! I definitely think a new name would suit you as you enter this new chapter of your life.


  4. I think if you believe you should change your blog name, then go for it!! I will definitely keep following you through the whole process!

  5. If you're worried that you'll lose followers/readers via Bloglovin, don't be! If you send an e-mail to Bloglovin to let them know and ask if they can take your followers with you, they'll do that (hear/read this from some bloggers)
    For your blog and social media, some people will have more 'difficulties' to adapt to your new name but remember that in the end it is your blog, your space online with your outfits and stories so you definitely need to feel comfortable with it! Especially since you want to buy your own domain name etc.
    And it really is hard to come up with a name, you may be thinking "yes! This is it!" and 5minutes afterwards you're thinking "will this still fit me in a few years..?" Take your time, don't rush anything :)
    PS : loyal readers will follow you everywhere!
    x Lyn