Making Your Fall Coffee Healthy

pumpkin caramel swirl black

After seeing Sydney's post about making your fall coffee healthy, I became inspired to write my own because I actually made mine healthier too! Fun fact: I've never had a PSL from Starbucks. Ever. I know - how can I be a blogger without having one?! To be honest, the closest Starbucks is about twenty minutes away from me, and I just don't see the point in traveling the distance just to get a drink. My fall drink obsession then? Pumpkin caramel swirl coffee from Dunkin Donuts!

I used to get my coffee made extra extra, but it wasn't until the end of the school year last year that I switched to just milk. I know, it's such a drastic change! Although getting a coffee made extra extra makes it taste really good, working at a coffee shop made me realize how much cream and sugar is actually put into that coffee, and it actually disgusted me that I was basically drinking more cream and sugar than I was drinking coffee!

So I made the switch to just milk, and it still makes my coffee taste really good. But since the pumpkin caramel swirl coffee I get from Dunkin Donuts is made using two sugary syrup swirls, I came to the conclusion that getting it made with just milk is even a little too sweet for me. So I changed it to getting made black! And it's still delicious.

I love getting this as my fall drink since pumpkin is only seasonal, but I did not like the calorie and sugar count that came with it. Getting this certain coffee made black is a much healthier version of a delicious drink!

How do you get your fall coffee made?

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  1. this is too perfect... just in time for national coffee day! did you know dunkin recently started offering almond milk? awesome, amirite? anywayyy my go-to coffee orders:
    @home: french vanilla hot coffee with bailey's original creamer
    @dunkin: caramel swirl ice coffee with almond milk
    @starbucks (when i want free refills): grande caramel ice coffee with soy milk
    @starbucks (when i have a free drink voucher): venti iced caramel macchiato with soy milk

    thanks for sharing!