Advice For New Bloggers

When I first started blogging, I didn't have the intention of other people reading my blog. It was just a way to share my thoughts and ideas and have a creative outlet. Once I started coming across other blogs that I liked, I wanted to interact with other bloggers and actually have other people read my posts.

There wasn't any type of guide for me to follow to help bring up the readership on my blog, so I basically had to figure out ways for myself. As a new blogger, it can get very frustrating when you see that each post is only get three page views! So, I worked really hard using the tips below to get people to notice me and have a successful blog.

one // email other bloggers
The first thing I did when I find other blogs I liked was emailed all of those bloggers. Emailing other bloggers is a great way to get advice on how to promote your blog, and you get to build relationships with other bloggers. I also found that once I contacted those bloggers and told them what my blog link was, they usually checked out my blog and followed it!

two // get on social media
I have a personal Twitter and Instagram, but I didn't want to get it all mixed up with my blogging stuff. So, I decided to make a Twitter and Instagram specifically for blogging! I followed a ton of bloggers on both of those, and being on social media helped to promote my blog because so many people use social media.

three // keep ideas fresh and new
Always post about unique and fresh ideas. It's great if a blogger's post inspires you to write a certain post, but make sure you make it your own. Keep your mind open to new ideas, and always have an idea ready ot post about!

four // join groups
There are so many Facebook groups for bloggers. The groups can be based off of where you live, what type of blog you have, etc. Join any group that you qualify for or any group that interests you! Most groups allow the members to share links to blog posts, social media sites, etc., which can be really helpful in getting your blog passed around.

five // stay organized
Staying organized when it comes to blogging is very important. Get a blogging notebook to keep track of all of your post ideas and when you'll be posting them. This is super helpful because then when you sit down to write posts, you'll have ideas to use!

six // promote other bloggers
One thing I always do is promote other bloggers. If I read a post that I really like, I tweet a link to it. Most bloggers want to get their blog noticed as well, so it's really nice to share a post that you may like! And doing so may even result in someone tweeting a link to one of your posts as well ;)

seven // wait for sponsors
Although getting free products or money in exchange for a blog post can be super exciting, wait before you start to email companies about sponsoring. Companies usually prefer a certain amount of followers, average page views per month, etc. Work on really getting your blog noticed and up there, and then search for possible sponsors!

eight // post consistently
The more you post, the bigger your audience will get. Come up with a consistent posting schedule and stick to it! I've always posted every day, except when I've been so busy that I just couldn't post at all. Posting every day has worked out really well for me! However, if you post every day, make sure the posts are meaningful and unique. If you feel as if your posts won't have much quality if you post every day, then post every other day or something like that. Do what's best for you!

These are just some of the many things I did as a new blogger to get me where I am now. I've received multiple emails from new bloggers asking for advice, so I thought a post would be a great idea. If you need more advice, please feel free to email me!

How did you get your blog to be successful after being a new blogger?


  1. Wow, this is an amazing post- I really liked what you did here. I made a similar post like this on my blog too but you have a lot of points I forgot to add in mine (: