School Essentials

When school comes around, I always rely on the same six essentials to get me through the school year. They help me to have a successful, organized year and make my life ten times easier!

one // agenda
I would be lost without my Lilly agenda. I carry it around with me everywhere, and I use it to keep track of important things such as when I'm babysitting or working, when assignments are due, when I'm having a test, etc. I've used the calendar on my iPhone before to keep track of things, but I've always preferred using an actual planner.

two // notebooks
I always have tons of spare notebooks hanging around my desk because you never know when you're going to need a notebook! One notebook that I always have with me is my to-do list notebook. I use it to write down reminders, assignments I need to do, tests I need to study for, etc. Notebooks can also be used to keep track of ideas, such as my blog post notebook! Maxie McCoy also came up with five lists that each girl should be keeping, which are great uses for notebooks.

three // pens/pencils
I usually use pens to write because it makes my notes look cleaner, and pen sticks out to me more when I'm studying. I always use pencils on quizzes and tests so I can fix any mistakes I may make!

four // highlighters
Highlighters are so beneficial to me. I use them to cross off tasks I've already done and make important points in my notes. They're a lifesaver when it comes to studying!

five // coffee
Coffee is literally my best friend when it comes to doing homework. When I'm doing homework on Sundays and start to feel myself getting exhausted from the long week I had, I make myself an iced coffee with just milk! This gives me more energy and makes me feel motivated.

six // iPad
I've mentioned this a couple of times before, but my school requires each student to have an iPad. The majority of my books and notes are on my iPad, so I'm always using it in school and while doing homework. So basically if I lose my iPad or it breaks... I'm screwed. Anyway, it's super helpful to have around while doing homework and taking notes!

What are your school essentials?

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