Summer Bucket List

Earlier this year, Tyler decided that he wanted to join the army after graduating high school. A little over a month ago, he officially signed his contract to join the army for six years working in a helicopter. For the first three years, he will learn how to repair helicopters and be a door gunner. For the last three years, he will fly helicopters. Once he gets out of the army, the army will provide with a job for a company as a helicopter engineer, which is amazing because that job has a really good salary, and he wouldn't even have to go to school for it!

Tyler ships out to base on June 16, 2015. I'm so proud of him because joining the army is so courageous, but I'm obviously really scared too. The good thing is Tyler gets thirty vacation days each year. I know that everything will work out the way it's supposed to! Because Tyler ships out in early June, this is basically our last summer together until after he gets out of the army. I wanted to make this summer the best one yet since it'll be our last until the six years are over, so we decided to make a bucket list together. I thought I would share it with all of you! Some of these are so stupid and corny, but T promised me we would do all of them!

1. Go to the beach at least five times
2. Take a day trip to the Vineyard
3. Bike the Canal
4. Go on a hike
5. Have a fire and make s'mores
6. Make our own dinner and a dessert
7. Make a travel journal of everywhere we want to visit
8. Go to a Red Sox game
9. Watch the stars
10. Draw with chalk
11. Try a new restaurant
12. Go to Six Flags (completed 6/17!!!)
13. Use sparklers
14. Blow bubbles
15. Go fishing
16. Get ice cream
17. Collect seashells and seaglass
18. Go to the Cape
19. Go to Boston
20. Watch the sunset
21. Go mini golfing
22. Go on a picnic

I'm so excited to complete all of these! They're all fairly easy to do.

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  1. I leave for the Vineyard on the 31! I seriously can't wait! Definitely make sure to check that off your bucket list!
    xoxo, Jen