Lilly Purchases

My life has consisted of tons of online shopping lately! I'm going to break down the shopping into different posts depending on the store, so this post is going to show what I got from Lilly.

I got the Callahan shorts in Lobstah Roll and a navy crew shirt! I'm absolutely obsessed with the shorts, but I haven't had a chance to wear the shirt yet. I knew that I had to get something in the Lobstah Roll print, but I couldn't decide between the Delia shift or the Callahan shorts. I already have two different prints in the Delia shift and a million pairs of Callahan shorts, but I decided to go with the Callahan shorts anyway. I was thrilled with my choice! I decided to get a plain navy shirt because I realized that I didn't have any navy shirts, and it would be a good idea to have a plain one because it would go well with any of my colored shorts.

Today is also #NationalWearYourLillyDay, so I'm excited to pull out one of my Lilly items to wear!

Have you recently bought anything from Lilly?

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