Study Group Etiquette

When it comes to midterms and finals, study groups can be super helpful. They can allow you to get help from other people on a topic you may not understand, or they can allow other people to get help from you on a topic that you know really well but they don't. However, studying with friends can often lead to many distractions. It's really important to stay on task in these groups in order to be successful. Check out how every study group should be run below.

one // make sure everything is completed
Before getting together with your group, make sure you all have completed the study guide for that class. It wastes time if someone does not have theirs completed because then they may not be familiar with certain topics. It also may mean that someone may just end up copying your whole study guide, which isn't fair to you.

two // come with needed topics
Have everyone come with a piece of paper or index card that says the topics that they need help with. This will make sure that nothing is forgotten about, and the group will be able to see if more than one person needs help with the same topics. Plus it will give people a head's up if they may need to teach someone something. Coming to the group with everything already planned out will end up saving a lot of time.

three // have food and drinks
Make sure that the host/hostess of the group has snacks and drinks for everyone. It may even be nice and easy if each person brought something! Food and water allows everyone to stay focused and energized, which is really important when it comes to studying.

four // stay on topic
Try not to drift off topic because a little off-topic discussion can lead to a two-hour distraction. The goal of the study group is to learn, not gossip! Save any off-topic discussions until any study breaks. It might be really hard to stay on topic if you're studying with your friends, but it will be worth it in the end.

How do you make sure you get the most out of your study group?

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