Healthy Midterm Habits

Midterms and finals can cause a lot of stress. Although it's usually good stress because you just want to do well on your exams, it's not healthy to be so stressed to the point where you want to break down every five seconds. Relieving stress and making sure your study habits are healthy are super important in two areas: food and breaks.

one // food
You want to make sure you're eating all of the right foods during studying so you have the energy to keep going. Eat lots of healthy food: fruit, yogurt, nuts, eggs, pasta, and more. Drink lots of water; it's really important to stay hydrated and focused. Stay away from lots of unhealthy food such as pizza, fast food, subs, etc. You'll end up feeling yucky and exhausted afterwards. And especially stay away from energy drinks, too much coffee, and all of those caffeinated items. It's okay to have a cup of coffee or two, but having too much coffee is not good for you at all. Stay away from stress-eating. Sometimes when I'm extremely stressed, I'll stress-eat and just eat everything in sight. That's bad because you end up feeling gross later on! Only eat when you're hungry, and make sure it's food that's good for you. And most importantly, reward yourself! I don't usually have ice cream, but at the end of every night of studying, I treat myself to a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream. It's a great way to feel refreshed and take a break, and it's a great incentive!

two // breaks
Breaks are extremely vital in studying. You should be taking a 15-minute break after every hour and a half of studying so you can feel refreshed and energized. The types of breaks you can take are painting your nails, checking social media, writing a blog post, reading a magazine, and more. Just make sure to not exceed your designated break time because it will make it that much more difficult to go back studying. Breaks are also the perfect time for grabbing the right study snack, too!

What kinds of foods do you like to eat during exams? How do you take study breaks?

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  1. Great tips! I just finished finals last week but I will for sure use these tips for the upcoming semester!

    Sophia B.

  2. Thank you so much for these tips with midterm habits. I really like the second tip about taking a break. I agree completely that breaks are necessary when you study. Often times, if you just keep studying you won't even get anything out of it because you have studied so much. There has to be a balance. I did this last semester and it worked wonders!