Lilly Sale Purchases

I'm almost a whole month late with this post, but better late than never, right? Whenever a Lilly sale comes around, it's impossible for me to pass it up because of how amazing the prices are. It's especially impossible for me to pass it up when it's the winter sale since my summer wardrobe is exceedingly larger than my winter wardrobe... #privateschoolproblems.

I wish I could say I paid attention in my AP Lit class an hour after the sale started instead of shopping, but that would make me a liar... #sorrynotsorry. (Side note and fun fact: I got a new guidance counselor this year, and when I saw that she was wearing a pair of Jacks on the first day of school, I knew we would click. Turns out she is just as preppy as I am! She also shopped the sale in school, and I went up to her office the next period so we could compare what we both bought... Oops!)

Maria Boatneck Stripe Sweater // Copeland Tunic Dress // Marielle Boatneck Intarsia Sweater // Brielle Dress

I am beyond thrilled with my purchases! The first three items can be worn in the fall/winter/spring, which is awesome. And I'm possibly thinking about wearing the last dress for graduation or any of the events that go along with graduation. My favorite item is definitely the tunic dress. I have been in dire need of a winter dress, and this is the perfect one! I can pair it with my riding boots and have a super cute outfit. And I can even wear it in the spring (or on a cooler day in the summer) with my Jacks! Love it.

What did you purchase from the sale?

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  1. I wanted the tunic dress so bad but I couldnt get my hands on it! But I am glad someone did! haha

    Love Always,