Brand Yourself

Once you get into high school, it's important to start working on branding yourself. Figuring out your goals, career, niche, etc. at an early age eliminates stress that you'll start to feel later on. It's also helpful for when you want to start networking. You can brand yourself through four different ways: a blog, interests, social media, and business cards.

one // a blog
Blogs have become super popular, which is awesome. They're a great way to show who you are as a person; they reveal your interests through the posts and the actual design of your blog. When people read a blog, they get somewhat of an idea of what the blogger is like. Blogging allows people to make something of themselves and show their interests.

two // interests
By high school, you pretty much know what you like and dislike. If you find anything that really interests you, pursue it. Like blogging? Learn how to expand and grow your blog. Interested in social media? Stay active on it and connect with people. Want to start a business? Talk to other entrepreneurs and get advice. Pursue whatever you're passionate about because your interests reveal your personality to others. Expanding on your interests creates a brand for yourself.

three // social media
Social media is probably the best way to brand yourself. Create social media accounts, such as Twitter and Instagram, and post whatever interests you. Like business? Tweet links of articles from the WSJ or Entrepreneur. Post on your blog? Tweet a link to the post. Love a certain display in one of your favorite stores? Instagram a picture of it. People really only post about what they like, and social media easily reveals people's interests.

four // business cards
Make business cards and carry them with you everywhere! You never know when you're going to randomly meet someone who could be a good connection or someone you want to network with. Include your name, cell phone number, email address, Twitter handle, and anything else that you might think is important. Business cards create a name for yourself and allow people to remember who you are.

How do you brand yourself?

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