Makeup Bag

While I was browsing through a lovely TJ Maxx this weekend, I found this fabulous makeup bag! I have been on the hunt for the perfect makeup bag for the past month. I've had the same one since eighth grade, and I felt that I needed a change. But every time I came across makeup bags in stores, they either weren't the right size, shape, price, or pattern for me.

Until I came across this one! When I found this one, I fell in love and knew it was meant to be because it was the only one left. I absolutely love nautical-themed items, so this was a must-have to me. And it was only $5!!! Plus it's #NavyOrNothing. It's actually pretty roomy and durable; it has a nylon-type fabric so it doesn't get stained.

I'm so happy I found this gem, and I already moved all of my makeup into it! This was definitely another fab find from TJ Maxx.

What kind of makeup bag do you use?

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  1. That makeup bag is presh! Gotta love Tj Maxx :)