Fab Finds

I'm always on the lookout for the cutest little accessories, so when I found these two notebooks while waiting in line to buy clothes at TJ Maxx, I knew I just had to get them. I have a huge obsession with pretty office supplies, so I obviously had to add these two to the collection. I believe they were only $3.99 a piece, which is a bargain! Kate Spade sells a notebook really similar to these two (view here) for about four times the price, so I knew I was much better off getting these instead.

I never knew TJ Maxx sold things like these fabulous notebooks until I was in line, but I'm so happy that I found that out! Except now I might end up with too many notebooks from there... #sorrynotsorry. These beauties have hard covers, which I love because I hate when the covers of my notebooks bend or rip easily. And I've even found two different uses for these notebooks already! So you may see some blog posts soon about them ;)

What are your most recent fab finds?


  1. I absolutely love getting office supplies from TJ Maxx! I definitely have too many things but if I use them all it makes it okay right? ;)
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  2. I found the cutest stationery and to-do list at TJ Maxx last week too! I think I paid $7 total for both... It's so worth it.

    xo, Fran

  3. This is a great find! I love them... They almost look like the Kate Spade Agendas! So cute.