How To Conquer Lilly's Summer Sale

The only good thing about summer coming to an end is Lilly's Endless Summer Sale! I'm super excited for the sale, so I've been saving up my money all summer and working extra hours just so I have enough. The sale is a super crazy time for both the Lilly workers and the shoppers, so I've come up with a little list to make the sale a tad bit smoother for all Lilly lovers!

one // make an account
Many people have told me that it's easier to check out during the sale if you have an account. The account holds your mailing/shipping address and credit card information, making it easier to buy all of your items. Because so many people are on the website at once during the sale, the website becomes slow, causing it to crash. If you have your information already in the system, you can easily get your things and go!

two // set alarms
I believe the sale usually starts at 8:00 AM EST, but I suggest setting alarms beforehand to wake you up and get ready to shop. Although the sale lasts a couple of days, it's always a good idea to buy as soon as possible because sizes sell out quickly. If you set an alarm for an hour or an hour and a half before the sale starts, you'll be sure to be woken up and prepared to handle the sale!

three // know what you want
As I mentioned earlier, sizes sell out really quickly. Like ridiculously fast because the prices are so good. Before the sale happens, look through the summer line to have an idea of what you want to buy. If you're looking through every single item during the sale to try to find something to buy, that just wastes time. Time is very precious during this sale so you don't miss out on a good item! If you know what you want to buy beforehand, you'll be able to quickly check out your shopping bag.

As a fellow Lilly lover, I feel these tips will help you to have a successful shopping spree. I'm looking forward to sharing my purchases with all of you and seeing what all of you got!

How do you conquer Lilly's summer sale?


  1. Is there a date yet? Last year it was the 19th. Hoping for earlier this year!

  2. I totally forgot about the sale! So thankful you reminded me. I'm so excited!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  3. Have you ever tried shopping the sale on ? I know they sell Lilly and take part in the after party sale! It seems like a sneaky way to grab some great pieces since most people will go to the main Lilly website. Just a thought :)

    XOXO Paulina