Ways To Organize For School

With school starting for me in a little over a week, I'm starting to realize how badly I need to start organizing. I love starting each school year with a fresh slate, and that all begins with being organized.

one // clean out laptop or iPad
Since my school requires us to have iPads, I have a ton of notes, essays, pictures, etc. on mine in multiple apps. If you are in the same situation, go through all of your apps and delete old classes and notes. This will make room for new notes in your new classes! Although I have an iPad, I still use my laptop to blog. Go through your laptop to delete old pictures, documents, etc.

two // get an agenda
I can't stress enough how much I love my Lilly agenda. It's like the Holy Bible! I use it to write everything down, but during the summer, I don't really need to write that much stuff down in it because I don't have a lot going on. However, once the school year comes, my days are overflowing with reminders, assignments, etc. If you don't already have an agenda, get one and write down reminders, assignments, and events that you know about so far. If you're not in school yet, you may not have that much to write down. Once you find out more things, don't forget to write them down!!! I find that I have so much stuff going on at once during the school year that if I don't write it down, I'll forget about it.

three // buy new school supplies
There is seriously nothing better than getting new school supplies. I love picking out pretty supplies to use, and it helps me to feel super organized and motivated. Head on over to Target or Walmart and pick up some fabulous goodies for school!

four // make a to-do list notebook
Along with my agenda, my to-do list notebook is also like the Holy Bible. As mentioned beforehand with assignment due dates, if I don't write down a certain task I need to do, I'll completely forget about it because of how busy I am. If you're the same way, invest in a pretty notebook to use to hold all of your to-do lists. My life has been so much more organized ever since I started using one!

How do you organize for school?


  1. I thought you were using a Kate Spade agenda?

  2. Great tips! My agenda is my BFF!!