Senior Year Goals

I can't believe today means I'm officially a senior in high school... It feels like just yesterday that I was walking into my school as a freshman only knowing a handful of people! I have changed so much as a person throughout my high school years, but I'm so happy with the person I am today. Since it's my last and most important year of high school, I thought I would come up with some goals to set for myself.

one // have fun & don't stress
Ever since my sophomore year was awful because of how much I stressed myself out, I have totally learned my lesson to not let the school work get to my head. I plan to only stress out a little bit this year (some stress is good stress!) and have even more fun than I did last year.

two // get good grades
I'm going to work really hard to continue to get good grades this year to ensure getting into the colleges I apply to! I've been looking at tons of study tips pins on Pinterest lately, and I've been feeling super inspired by all of them. I would love to find some study methods that work really well for me!

three // choose the perfect college
As I've mentioned before, I plan on majoring in entrepreneurship. I want to find the college that would be best for me, my major, and my goals for the future.

four // open a business
So obviously I really love entrepreneurship... And I have huge hopes of opening my own business this year. I truly feel that if I put in the right amount of investments in time, money, and research, I can do it! I've had some ideas floating around in my head, and I'm super excited to put them into action.

What are your goals for this school year?

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  1. Good luck this year! I am so excited to see what business you might start!