Highlights of My Summer

Although I'm going to school for only an hour today for just a class meeting, I'm still considering today the last day of summer. This summer was honestly the best summer I've ever had! I did so many fun things, and summer is always better when all of your friends have their licenses and jobs. I thought it would be fun to share my favorite parts of summer!

one // Six Flags
This summer was the first time I've ever been to Six Flags! At first I was nervous because I had never been on super big rides like Six Flags had. But once I went on them, I wanted to keep going on! I went with Tyler, my best friend Alex, and Tyler's friend Jake. It was a really hot day, so going in the water park felt nice!

two // Cape
The week of the Fourth of July, my family rented a Cape house. We were literally two houses down from the beach, which was so nice. I spent so much time reading and relaxing. The downtown shopping was also fabulous! What's a vacation without shopping? ;)

three // Martha's Vineyard
Tyler and I took a quick day trip to the Vineyard. He had only been there to play against their football team for my school, but he hadn't been there to actually visit. So we decided to go! It was actually really hot the day we went, which was so weird because usually there's a really nice breeze there. We went out to lunch and looked around all of the stores, which was fun!

four // outlets
I actually went to the outlets near me a couple of times this summer. T picked up quite a few things from Ralph Lauren while I got a good amount from J. Crew!

five // Newport
I hadn't been to Newport since I was little, so I thought this summer would be the perfect time to go. Tyler and I ate lunch, walked around, and looked in all of the shops. It was also super hot that day!

six // shopping
About forty minutes away from me is a wicked nice plaza of outdoor shops such as Kate Spade, J. Crew, Lululemon, Vineyard Vines, etc. Unfortunately it isn't an outlet! But Tyler and I had a nice time grabbing dinner and walking around. I even got recruited for a job at that Vineyard Vines, which was so exciting! I was disappointed when I realized I shouldn't even bother applying because of how far away it is from my house.

seven // dinner on the Cape
Tyler and I both love lobster, so one night we spontaneously decided to go out to dinner on the Cape! We chose this really nice seafood restaurant that I go to every year with my family, but Tyler had never been. The food we had was delicious. We split a stuffed quahog and steamers for appetizers, and we both had lobster for dinner. The bill ended up coming to $150 including the tip... Oops. It was so worth it though!

Since this was Tyler's last summer before he leaves for the army next June, I'm so glad that we were able to have his last summer be the best summer yet.

What are your summer highlights?

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