Learning During the Summer

Although it's already August, it's not too late to do some learning for the rest of the summer! I always view summer as a way to take a break from learning and school, but then I always find myself wanting to learn more about things. Summer is the perfect time to do this because then you have the chance to learn about what you want to learn about instead of what you have to learn about. You can do any of these options below!

one // take an online class
There are so many websites and apps that offer free online classes for you to take during a certain time period. My personal favorite is the app iTunesU, but I heard Coursera is a really good website to use. All of the classes are free, which is awesome! You can learn about business, take a new language, etc. I applied for a class on entrepreneurship on iTunesU!

two // read books
This is probably my favorite way to learn. I absolutely love to read, but I really only have time to read during the summer. So once I have the time to read, I take full advantage of it and read anything I want! It was just this past year that I decided I want to double major in accounting and entrepreneurship, so I went to the library and got about five books on entrepreneurship. I was so excited, and I couldn't want to start reading them! There are books about everything out there, so you can choose whatever you like.

three // look things up
This is a good idea if you have a quick question. I always find myself looking up events online that I hear about on the news so I know what's completely going on. It makes me feel so mature knowing about world events and what's going on everywhere! I'm also more able to understand something by reading it instead of hearing it because if I don't understand something the first time I read it, I can just keep reading it until I get a grasp on it.

How do you learn over the summer?

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  1. I have wanted to take one of the online classes! They seem great. I love to watch Jeopardy too... I feel like I learn so much and it is really satisfying when you know things too!