Outfit :: Comfy & Chic

I don't get the chance to do outfit posts a lot, but when I do, I make sure to grab the opportunities! I recently invested in Ralph Lauren cable knits over a month ago, and I'm super happy with my decision. I've been constantly wearing them because they're so warm, comfy, and stylish!

I consider the outfit in this post to be comfy and chic. It's comfy because it consists of a cable knit, leggings, and Sperry's, but it's chic because it looks cute as well.

My leggings are from Under Armour, and I love them so much! They're thick, warm, and comfy. They are designed for sports (I wear them during cold soccer games and while skiing), but I love wearing them with my outfits as well.

What do you consider comfy & chic?

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  1. I basically live in that outfit, just swap the Sperry's for riding boots! I'm hoping to get that same sweater for Christmas, because it's just so versatile and cute!