How To :: Have The Perfect Secret Santa Party

The older you get, the more popular "Secret Santa" parties become. For those of you who have never heard of "Secret Santa," it's when you get together with a group of friends, pick a name out of a hat, and buy a gift for the person you picked. However, you're not supposed to tell the person or anyone else who you have. It's supposed to be a secret! Then you plan a day for a party where you all get together and try to figure out who had who.

Secret Santa is a great alternative for buying each one of your friends a present because it saves so much time and money. Buying a present for one person and then having a party with lots of food, laughter, and Christmas spirit is just as fun! However, there is a lot of planning that goes into Secret Santa parties to keep them fun and to make sure that each person stays secretive. So, I put together a little itinerary to help you out!

one // picking a person
Grab a hat and put each person's name inside of it. Have each person pick a name, but make sure they don't tell anyone. Decide where to have the party and when. Make a price range for the gift - somewhere between $20 and $30 is usually good. Hand a black trash bag to everyone - they will put their gift in it so people can't figure out who gave what gift.

two // planning the party
Whoever is hosting the party has the best part of the deal. Make sure to create a Christmas music playlist, come up with fun games/activities to do, and decorate so everything is all Christmas-themed. Have everyone bring some type of food (appetizer, main meal, dessert, drinks, etc.) so that there is plenty to eat.

three // having the party
As each person arrives to the party, have them place their gifts in the same spot. Once it's time to open the gifts, each person can just grab a bag until they find the one that is addressed to them. As each person opens their gifts, have them guess who gave it to them!

I've been to a couple of Secret Santa parties before, and they're so much fun. They're great because you're so excited about finding out who had you and seeing if the person you had can figure out if it's you!

Have you been to a Secret Santa party before?

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