Winter Favorites

Hey y’all, I’m Raegan from She is Fierce; I’m so excited that Ashley is letting me guest post today! I love blogging about my favorite things so today I decided to share my winter favorites.
1. I am in love with this cape from H&M. It is so chic and very different from the traditional trench coat that you see this time of year.
2. My go to outfit during winter/fall is a sweater with leggings and riding boots, this sweater is perfect. The length isn’t too short and it looks so comfy.
3. For whatever reason grey is slowly becoming my favorite color. Miss Fancy Pants by Essie has been on my nails for a good month and I love gray sweaters because they’re so easy to dress up.
4. Winter is my favorite time to wear dark lipstick and this color is dark without being way too dark. Chubby sticks last forever and I love them!
5. Don’t let the price of these boots steer you away, I promise you, they’re worth every penny! I am obsessed with my riding boots and wear them every chance I get. Since they’re black and brown they go with everything, which is why they’re worth the price. If you don’t want to splurge, they are everywhere and it is so easy to find a cheaper pair.
6. These black booties are so easy to dress up or down and the best part is they’re from Target. They would go great with a dress or jeans.

I hope this helps you pick out things for your winter wardrobe! Thanks for having me today and Merry Christmas!

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  1. I've become such a big fan of capes this winter! I love all of these favourites!