Celebrating Christmas With Friends Cheaply

Christmas is about spending time with the ones you love and showing all that you're grateful for. Everyone loves to celebrate Christmas with their friends, and sometimes that can be really expensive if you want to buy a gift for every single one of your friends. So, why not celebrate it cheaply while still being able to be like them? Check out the different ways you can celebrate below!

one | dinner
Grab a group of friends and go somewhere nice for dinner! Even though there wouldn't be any gifts, you still get to celebrate Christmas and dress nicely.

two | Yankee swap
Yankee swaps are extremely common. Set a maximum price and buy a gift. This can be done at someone's house with food, music, movies, and more!

three | secret Santa
Secret Santa is becoming more and more popular. Put the names of your friends in your group in a hat and have each person pick a name to see who they're buying for. Set a maximum price and plan to have the party at someone's house! I like secret Santa a lot more than Yankee swap because I know I'll most likely get a gift that I'll like and be able to use since my "secret Santa" knows what I like.

How do you like to celebrate Christmas cheaply?

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  1. I love the one-dinner idea. Christmas is all about getting together & having a great time. :)

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