Ugly Sweater Party

On Friday night, I went to an ugly sweater party with a group of friends and it was so much fun! It was full of laughs and food. My friend Alex came over before the party so we could go together. I actually went kind of try-hard on my outfit that night because ugly sweater parties only happen once a year so go hard or go home, right? I ended up winning for the ugliest sweater/best outfit, which was so funny! I wore a sweater and socks from when I was literally seven years old. I have no idea how either of those still fit me, but hey that's fine by me! I also wore a Christmas pin that I had when I was little and took a green and white striped bow meant for tying around presents and tied it around my head as a headband.

Sam, Bridget, and me.

Alex and me :)

Steph and me!

Alissa and me.

Alex and me again!

The whole group.

What I won for winning the ugliest sweater/best outfit!

My whole outfit!

Have you been to an ugly sweater party this year?

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  1. Ha ha, love it! Have to say I've never been to an ugly sweater party, but it definitely sounds like a lot of fun :) I'd definitely go all out for such a delicious prize - love love love Lindt chocolate!