Office Supplies Haul

Remember when I told you guys that my boyfriend took me to Walmart when I was really upset to get office supplies to cheer me up? Well, I thought I would do a little haul on all of the office supplies I got! I got a ton. #SorryNotSorry

Anyway, below is a picture of all of them, but not everything can be seen, so I included a list as well.

white legal pads | yellow legal pads | fluorescent cardstock | five notebooks | two packs of business card templates | address labels | small pink legal pads | two packs of envelopes | binder clips | staples | thin Sharpies | highlighters | two packs of colored pens | two Mason jars (not shown)

Tyler ended up spending almost $60 on me (oops...), which I felt really bad about. He didn't mind at all, which shows how sweet he is! These office supplies just add to my other piles of office supplies, so I don't know when I'll be able to use them. It's good to know that I have them just in case!

What are your favorite office supplies?


  1. Office supplies make me soo happy!! xx

  2. That's nice. :) Me, a few ink cartridges will do, as well as binders; in case I'll have to get stuff printed, then store them neatly and properly. Which is about 80 - 90% of all work in any office, if they don't exclusively keep their documents online, or on a computer. As for us, we stick with analogue. But it's better to have as much office things for all occasions.

    Fletcher @ Concord Supplies