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I recently came across Ziftit, and it's probably the coolest thing ever. Ziftit is a website that allows you to make a wishlist consisting of any items that you want. You're then able to share the list with family and friends if they ever need to buy a gift for you. To buy a gift, they easily just go to the wishlist, choose the item, and send it right to you!

Ziftit even has tons of cool and helpful features, such as...
{one} trending feed - if there are products that are similar to what you like, they will go on your trending feed to see if you like those items as well
{two} events page - you can create invites online and manage who is going
{three} barcode scanner - if you see something you like in a store, you can scan the barcode and add it to your wishlist (umm SO helpful!!!)
{four}upgraded account - with an upgraded account, you can split the cost of a gift between a group of people

Ziftit is perfect for high school and college students because...
{one}if you scan an item you like with the barcode scanner, you can see where the cheapest price of that product is
{two} you will actually get gifts that you like from family and friends!!!
{three} you can easily manage organization events, parties, etc.

Lastly, Ziftit even has a super cool upcoming trendsetter contest! Through this contest, the contestants will have to add items from all over the web to their wishlist. They will then have to try to gain followers by adding items to their wishlist that they think will appeal to their followers as well. The goal is to get tons of followers and have the followers re-add items that were added to the contestants' wishlists. On December 15th, the participant with the highest overall influence rating will win $10,000! Umm, yes please?!

Overall, this is a super helpful website and app. Now that Christmas is almost two months away (eek!), it's the perfect time to get a list going and send it out to your friends and family!

What do you think of Ziftit?

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