Why British Girls Like to Dress Up

 Hi, I'm Karen. I am in my early thirties and live near Manchester in the UK. I have an online fashion boutique and I eat, sleep and breathe clothes!

Kate Moss

As an English girl who loves to dress up I think I was born in the right place. The UK very much differs to the rest of Europe when it comes to fashion. Countries such as France and Italy are famous for their sense of style and fashion, but in my experience they like to stay safe and rarely experiment with fashion. It is almost as though they are scared to get it wrong. English girls don't care if they get it wrong, and often do! However, with this freedom of choice it is a great place to explore your sense of style.

Kate Moss is a true fashionista, she symbolizes "cool Britannia". She is not a true beauty, but oozes great style and taste. Whether it be a glitzy party or  festival, she just gets it right. I love her taste, she just seems to be able to look great in every occasion.

For me, true Britannia style is quirky with a blend of the preppy look accompanied with an Indie shabby style.

This is blogger Megs, who wears the Brit style well. She accompanies a navy, chandelier loose chiffon blouse with a cut pair off denim shorts, an oversize burgundy hat and preppy satchel to finish the look.

I love this look; it would work well at almost all occasions.

As I said, we don't always get it right, in fact we have a reputation for really getting it wrong. In England we have a real "clubby" culture. This means that Friday and Saturday nights are all about the bars and clubs. Us girls, like to take advantage of that and use it as an excuse to really dress up. The smaller, tighter and shorter the better! We don't care what the weather is, if a coat doesn't suit our outfit, we will not wear it! This very raw and brave attitude towards "weekend clubbing wear" is very much frowned upon throughout Europe. Often it is considered cheap and class less. I admit, often I see sights that perhaps you wouldn't want to see, but on the other hand I really embrace it. I like the fact British girls aren't afraid to wear what they want. No matter the size or the shape of the girl they will not be told that they cannot wear it and I think this is great and should be celebrated.

Saturday Night Out

In conclusion, British style certainly cannot be defined. It  does not ooze style and sophistication, but it does symbolize a rare freedom to truly express yourself by the way that you dress.

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