DIY :: Two-Year Card

Along with buying T presents for our two years, I made him a card. I always make sure to buy him something and make him something when it comes to a holiday, special occasion, etc. He always looks forward to getting the stuff I make him, so I always try to make it extra well!

Above is the card that I made Tyler! I thought of the idea and liked it, so I decided to go with it. I basically just printed out "I have loved you for 730 days" on the right side of a piece of computer paper. Then, I took a piece of pink construction paper and cut a heart out of it. I glued the pink construction paper on the inside of the computer paper and cut the edges so that nothing was hanging out. Then, I drew the image inside the heart. Afterwards, I took an ombre paint sample from Home Depot and cut out hearts and glued them on the front cover. Lastly, I drew my monogram on the back of the card!

Tyler loved the card and laughed at the stick figure image, which was a good thing. The only thing I wish I didn't do was use sharpie to draw the stick figures - I completely forgot it would bleed through the computer paper and show!

Do you like making cards?


  1. this is too cute! i love making homemade cards, not just for a boyfriend!