To-Do List Notebook

I'm an avid list-maker because I always have a lot of stuff to do, love staying on top of things, and love the feeling of crossing off a finished task. However, since I always have so many things to write on my to-do lists, I go through countless pages of paper. I wasn't always able to complete everything away because some of the items on my to-do lists are long term, so I would have pages of to-do lists. It got to the point where I had so many pages that I would lose track of them all.

I'm a huge fan of being organized, so I had to think of a way to organize all of my lists so that they're all in the wrong placed. So one day, I came across a pin on Pinterest that led me to a blog post (can't find the link - sorry!) about using a notebook as a huge to-do list. I thought it was a fabulous idea, so I just had to do it!

You can either use a cute notebook or a cheap notebook. I just chose a cheap notebook since I know I'll be going through them quickly. Whenever I finish a task, I highlight it. It has worked really well for me so far, and I plan on continuing to use this method!

How do you organize your to-do lists?


  1. Nice method! I'll try it. I'm an organization junkie as well :)

    I've discovered this blog a few weeks ago, by the way -- and loving it! Keep up with it! xoxo

  2. If I didn't use to-do lists, I would probably never get anything done! I keep post-it notes on my bedside table where I have my running list of stuff I need to get done during the day/week!

    I love your method of using a notebook, though!