Junior Ring Mass

Last Tuesday was the Junior Ring Mass at my school. The Junior Ring Mass has always been a tradition for the juniors at my high school. It's when each person gets their class ring, which gets blessed by the priest. IF someone doesn't want to get a class ring or wants to get something else blessed, they can. The ring mass symbolizes becoming an upperclassman. On this day, all of the junior girls get really dressed up in dresses, skirts, etc. while all of the boys wear a shirt and tie.

I decided not to get a class ring. I didn't think I would wear it that much, so I didn't want to spend all of that money on something I'm never going to use. I was going to get a Tiffany ring instead as my "class ring," but I got so busy that I just never had the time. So instead, I got one of my mom's rings blessed! It was a really pretty ring that my dad had given to her for Christmas years ago.

My best friend, Erin (a sophomore), and me.

Tyler and me!

My momma's beautiful ring! It has a pearl in the middle and diamonds on the sides.

How does your school distribute class rings?

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