Searching For A Summer Internship

Now that it's March, it would be a good time to start looking for a summer internship. I can't decide if I want to apply for an internship or not, but I'm planning on doing some research to see if I find one that I really like so I can try to make up my mind!

When looking for an internship, keep the following tips in mind.

one // do something that you love
One of the worst things is having an internship that you absolutely hate. Don't apply for an internship involving research if you hate research! It will cause you to do nothing but dread having to do your tasks, and it will make your summer miserable. It makes it even better if your internship involves what you want your career to be!

two // don't overload yourself
Last summer, I totally overloaded myself, and I was absolutely miserable. I had three different internships: one with the Smart Girls Group, one with Project Eve, and one that was my own with social media. I truly thought I would be able to handle all three, but I really couldn't. I am usually able to read 30 books a summer, but I barely got to read any or do anything because of all the work I had to do. It did nothing but stress me out when summer is supposed to be relaxing. So, look into what the work the internship would involve and make sure it wouldn't be too much. And make sure you only do one internship!

three // see what you can get out of it
When researching internships, make a list of all of the benefits of each internship, such as skills you will obtain. If you see that you'll be learning a lot of stuff, it'll help you make a decision on which internship you want to have.

Keep in mind that the main purpose of summer is to relax and enjoy yourself. So if you do decide to apply for an internship, make sure it's something that is flexible and fun!

Are you planning on applying for a summer internship?


  1. Very good tips! I have never even thought of applying for one! I should totally look into that. Good luck on finding one! :)

    Love Always,

  2. I'm trying to get my plans together for summer too! Last summer I was a nanny so I couldn't have an internship, but I am trying to decide whether to get a job again, get an internship, or just spend the summer traveling, hanging out with friends, and doing blog things!
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  3. I have an internship this summer that I am crazy excited about. It's in Seattle and I will hopefully be living part time in the city! Doing something you love is so important when looking for an internship.

    Constance || Prep Northwest