Weekend To-Do List :: Exercise

Although creating weekend to-do lists to relax and be productive are nice, it's also nice to have a weekend to-do list dedicated for exercising! Exercising is super important. As bad as it sounds, I sometimes forget to exercise unless it's in my to-do list notebook... which is why I created a very own weekend to-do list for exercising!

one // create healthy meals
Pinterest is the best place to go when it comes to creating meal plans. Even though I come across tons of pins consisting of unhealthy yet delicious food, I still find a lot of pins that have healthy yet delicious food. Search through Pinterest for healthy meal plans. Find one that you like or find multiple different ones that you like and combine them together to make your meal plans for this weekend - whatever works for you!

two // go to the gym
If you have a gym membership, go to the gym every day this weekend for a good amount of time. If you don't have a gym membership but are looking into getting one, tons of gyms offer free trials where you can get a "membership" there for a week to see how you like the gym! However, if you don't have a membership and don't want one, you can definitely look through Pinterest for exercises to do.

three // do yoga
Yoga classes are super important when it comes to exercising and being healthy. They relieve stress, make you flexible, stretch out your muscles, and give you balance! Do any kind of yoga that appeals to you.

This weekend to-do list can be completed by yourself, but I love doing it with my friends! Going to the gym with my friends keeps me motivated to keep going. Do whatever you'd like!

Do you plan on completing this to-do list this weekend?

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  1. I totally agree! If I don't have a to do list for the weekend it get absolutely nothing done. It's so easy just to kick back and do nothing.

    Great post!
    Abbee Kenney