Motivation Monday

Hi! I’m LaTonya and I have a Tumblr called Let’s Grow Together where I dedicate many posts to motivating people just like you. It’s a passion of mine to bring about the best in people and I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my motivations with the readers of Private School Prepster.

Let’s talk about life…It can be a downer. It can really put you in a slump to the point where you're stressed and depressed. I, on the other hand, bypass all of that when I wake up in the morning and I see my Motivation Wall. A Motivation Wall is a surface, preferably one that you see every day, that is plastered with all of the things or maybe just one thing that inspires you to do better and feel better. The key to a great Motivation Wall is not all of the quotes and pictures you can find, it’s “location, location, location”. You have to be able to see your Motivation Wall every single day because motivation isn’t a one time achievement; it’s a daily task that you have to work at.

Motivation Walls don’t exactly solve your problems but they let you see that you're strong enough to fix whatever is bringing you down. Would you like to control your fitness? A nice picture of Serena Williams on the tennis court is awe-inspiring. How about finding a spiritual connection? Gandhi has the best quotes of wisdom. Or do you just need to be reminded every day that you are, in fact, beautiful? I think a picture of One Direction (or whoever you may have a crush on) staring at you 24/7 might make you feel so desirable. At least it does for me.

Motivational Walls can contain quotes, posters, calendars, memorabilia, frames, notes, and anything else you can think of. It’s YOUR Wall and it has to constantly trigger that incentive you felt the very first moment you decided to change your life for the better. I can’t include a picture of my main Motivational Wall due to its massive size on the back of my door and bad lighting in my dorm, but I try to motivate myself anyway I can. So here is a picture of my “Lock Screen Motivational Wall”.
Motivation Wall Lock Screen
Quotes from @DavidRoads Twitter and design from PhotoGrid app

I have quotes that inspire my daily life and stickers that always bring a smile to my face. As you can see, motivation is pretty simple. The wall is just a reminder; and with the year coming to an end and New Year’s Resolutions around the corner, I think it is the perfect time to create your own Motivation Wall or update your current one!

What are some things you would include on your Motivation Wall?

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