Field Trip

On Friday, I went with my AP US history class to the JFK Library in Boston. We went to learn how to write a DBQ (document-based essay) because there is a woman who works there that teaches how to write them really well, and we need to know how to write them for our AP exam in May. That obviously didn't take up the whole day, so once the lesson was finished, we could walk around the library and look at everything.

To be honest, I didn't think I would enjoy the field trip, but I did! I learned so much, and it was great to learn about the Kennedys because they're such a fabulous family. I took tons of pictures. There were all sorts of exhibits, such as videos of JFK running for president, notes written by JFK, and pictures of the family. This month will be JFK's 50th assassination anniversary, so there was an amazing exhibit showing a video of a news station that broadcasted the death of JFK. It was so powerful and moving.

My favorite exhibit was the one dedicated to Jackie Kennedy. It had tons of quotes by her, some outfits, and even a replica of her wedding dress! She was a fashionable, inspirational, and strong woman. I wish I could live to be half as great as what she was!

Such an amazing quote by Jackie Kennedy... It made me emotional!

A replica of Jackie's wedding dress... gorgeous!

Some of Jackie's jewelry.

My friend, Sam, and me in the library.

My absolute favorite part of the museum. It was a huge open room that had windows just like this all around the room overlooking the water. It was rainy out, but it was still breathtaking!

If you're ever in Boston and get the chance to view the JFK Library, I highly suggest doing so!

Have you ever been to the JFK Library?

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  1. K & I have never been to Boston, but we'll be sure to add the JFK Library to our itinerary when we finally make it there!

    xo, B