Halloween is always a huge deal at my school. We get to dress in costumes, and people tend to go all out. If you show up to school in your uniform on Halloween, you really stand out because practically everyone participates in Halloween.

I didn't have much time this year to think of a really good Halloween costume to do with my friends because I was so busy with school, work, and soccer. Everyone else in my group was pretty busy, too. We ended up being army girls, which was simple yet cute! Some groups came up with really good costumes, such as mermaids, emojis, Alice in Wonderland, and more.

Since next year is my senior year, therefore my last time ever participating in Halloween at my school, I plan on really going all out with costumes with my friends!

Alex (a gangster), Kristen (an army girl with me), and me.

Nina (toddlers and tiaras) and me.

Erin (Barney from the Flintstones) and me.

Maddie (a baby), Erin, and me.

Steph (an army girl with me) and me. This is my absolute favorite picture from Halloween!

Gabby (Daisy from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and me.

After soccer practice on Halloween, I went to Tyler's house and passed out candy with me. There were barely any trick-or-treaters because it was raining, but it was still fun!

How did you spend your Halloween?

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