Helpful iPad Apps for School

Now that my school requires each student to have an iPad for school, I have tons of apps that I use for school. If any of you use iPads for school as well, I thought I would share some of my favorite apps in case you would like to get them! Please note that not all of these apps are free.

one // notability
This is my most favorite app by far. It's an app that allows you to take notes. You can type the notes, physically write the notes on the screen, highlight something you have written/typed, and more. You can even create little dividers for each subject to stay organized! Another thing I love about Notability is you can open documents in it. I open a ton of documents in it for AP English when I need to mark up a speech, essay, etc.

two // pages
I don't use Pages too much, but whenever I do need to use it, it's helpful. Pages allows you to basically type anything in a word document. You can then save the document as a Microsoft Word document, a PDF, and more. I used this app when I typed one of my AP English essays in school.

three // quizlet
I use Quizlet in school all the time. Whenever I have extra time in a class, I use Quizlet to help myself study for any quizzes or tests I have coming up. Online flashcards are an amazing invention!!!

four // spanishdict
Spanishdict is a fabulous translator that can translate things from English to Spanish and vice versa. Whenever I'm in Spanish and don't know what a Spanish word means or need to find the Spanish version of a word, I use that app!

Which iPad apps do you love for school? I'd love to get some more!

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