Review // Sweet Water Decor

I was fortunate enough to recently get in touch with Melissa, the founder of Sweet Water Decor! Sweet Water Decor is a fabulous press company that makes wedding invitations, wall art, mugs, and more. I received the "she turned her dreams into plans" print and the "let's do this" mug, and I'm obsessed with both!

The print is the first of my new "inspiration wall" hanging above my desk. My desk is where I do all of my work grind, so it's really nice to look up when I'm swamped with work and find those encouraging words that make me want to keep going! I'm also an avid coffee drinker, especially when I'm loaded with work, so the mug with its motivating phrase is great.

I'm super thrilled with how my print and mug turned out. Melissa even does custom orders too to make your products even better!


  1. Thanks so much Ashley!! I'm so glad you love the mug and the print!! You can get the mug here: and the print here:

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