Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is all about showing love to the most important people in your life. And although I am a firm believer that you should show love every day, not just one day a year, I do believe that you should show extra love on Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is always something to look forward to, but sometimes it's hard to think of ways to celebrate. However, you can never go wrong with these dates!

one // dinner & a movie
A fancy restaurant and a romance movie is always ideal. However, you have to be super careful with that because reservations for dinner can be pretty backed up (T and I waited an hour and a half last year...) and movies can be sold out. The Valentine's Day movie this year is 50 Shades of Gray which may or may not be appealing to some people. If you want to avoid crowds, ordering takeout and binge watching Netflix is also equally appealing!

two // show
Something that has always sounded appealing to me is going to some type of fancy show: a ballet, an opera, etc. If you have the chance to go to a show, go! I would never turn down the chance to wear a fancy dress ;)

three // shopping
If you're one of those guys who likes to spoil their girlfriend, shopping is definitely the way to go. Instead of getting a present, you could go shopping in the city and walk around. Definitely an easy and fun thing to do!

How would you want to celebrate Valentine's Day?

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