The week of the Fourth of July, my family and I rented a Cape house for a week! It was my parents 25th anniversary in October, and to celebrate, they decided to rent a house for a week in the summer. I felt that it was such a good idea on their part because we all love the Cape.

The first day we got there was June 28th, so that day was spent settling in, unpacking, and preparing ourselves for the week ahead. My cousins came the next day, and that day was spent at the beach and grilling food for dinner! My best friend, Alex, came from Tuesday-Thursday, and Tyler came on Wednesday. Wednesday was the day that we all went to the Vineyard, and it was so much fun!

Although a good amount of my time was spent shopping (who can pass up Lilly, VV, and the amazing TJ Maxx there?!), I also spent a lot of time relaxing. The house we rented was two houses down from the beach, which was awesome and convenient! It was so nice to sit on the porch with a good book or read while on the beach. I ended up reading seven books while we were there, which basically averages to a book a day... oops!

I had so much fun on the vacation, and we are most likely renting the same house next year. I can't wait!

Have you been on vacation this summer?


  1. Your vacation sounds like it was so much fun!! I haven't been to the Cape since I was little and can't wait to go back - especially if there is a good TJ Maxx, Lilly, and VV!!
    xo, Jamie

  2. Sounds like a great vacation! Haven't been anywhere yet but I'm going to a waterpark in two weeks and Florida in three!

    xo, Michaela
    The Monogrammed Midwesterner