Gym Routine

As part of creating a healthier lifestyle, I have been going to the gym almost every day this summer. I have developed a certain gym routine that I follow basically every single time I go to the gym. I use the same two machines, but I usually change the level, hardness, and amount of time depending on how I feel that day.

one // treadmill
I always go on the treadmill first. I used to hate running because I always focused on it too much when I ran, so I would always want to stop. But when I go to the gym, I turn my music up as loud as possible and watch the TV so my attention is focused on other places.

two // bike
I always go on the bike after the treadmill. I love going on the bike because I'm able to go on my phone to scroll through Twitter, check Instagram, and read emails. Doing those three things keep my mind off the fact that my thighs are burning, and it makes the time go by faster!

I also usually do crunches once I get home. This routine is something that works really well for me, and it gives me a good workout! I'm always looking for new workouts to do, so I'm open to anything.

What is your gym routine?

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