How to Drink More Water

Although drinking a lot of water is really good for you, it can sometimes be really hard to do that because water can make you feel really full, and the flavorless taste can get very boring after a while. I drink about five bottles of water each day, but I'm only able to do that because of these tips below!

To help you get 7-8 cups of water a day, drink water while doing your daily routine! Follow the chart above to drink water after waking up, before a meal, before taking a bath, and before going to bed. If you drink two cups after waking up, one before each meal, one before showering, and one before going to bed, that will already add up to seven cups. And then you'll most likely drink more if you get thirsty during the day!

two // add fruit
I'm obsessed with adding strawberries, lemons, and limes to my water! It gives my water such a great flavor, which makes me want to keep drinking more water. Adding fruit will also help to detox and cleanse you. This is a helpful thing to do when you ate really bad meals!

three // create a timed schedule
Grab water bottles or a huge jug of water, draw lines, and label the lines with certain times. The goal is to drink a specific amount of water by a certain time. This is awesome for people who like to be kept on time and have a schedule because then they'll stick to this. I've found that I'm often drinking the amount of water for a certain time long before I even get to that time!

How do you get yourself to drink more water?


  1. These are great types! I struggle a lot to drink water so I'm definetly try this! :)
    Inês x

  2. These are such fab ideas :) I always mean to drink more water but often forget throughout the day. There's some fab tips here though to help :) xx

  3. I find that I drink more water when I have a fun water bottle! I buy more bottles than the average girl buys shoes, I'm sure, but it's worth it to stay healthy, right?

    Toodlebelle's Blog

  4. I'm able to drink more water by filling up my water bottle every time I get up to go to the bathroom at work. If I have to use the restroom and my water bottle is still full, I drink it down a bit so that the trip to the bathroom is "deserved."